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Liothyronine Sodium

Liothyronine Sodium

 What is liothyronine sodium?

Liothyronine sodium is a thyroid hormone indicated for the treatment of thyroid insufficiency, obesity, fatigue and certain metabolic disorders. In other words, it is indicated to increase the metabolism. It is not an anabolic steroid but a pharmaceutical preparation of the natural thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T-3). Liothyronine sodium is a very popular drug for the treatment of thyroid insufficiency and is very efficient in stabilizing the metabolism. Besides its clinical indications, liothyronine sodium is a popular drug among athletes by using it during contest preparation in order to burn of body excess fat. It works by increasing the rate of cellular activity and more rapidly burning the carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When utilized by athletes during contest preparation it decreases the amount of stored fat without the necessity of following a severe diet to restrict calories. Therefore, liothyronine sodium helps in producing "quality muscles", as athletes tend to call it. Most often, liothyronine sodium is used in conjunction with Clenbuterol for producing dramatic results. Some athletes claim that when liothyronine sodium is used in conjunction with steroids the anabolic effect dramatically increases. In order to benefit most from the therapy with liothyronine sodium all users are advised to get well informed about its clinical indications with reference to the use in bodybuilding. Assess the risks associated with the use of this drug and take all measures of precaution to avoid any side effects.

Brand names

Liothyronine sodium is commercialized under the Cytomel trade name.

Liothyronine sodium’ use in bodybuilding

While liothyronine sodium has clinical indications for the treatment of thyroid insufficiency and increasing the metabolism, it is also very popular for use in bodybuilding. This feature we shall discuss further.

When used during contest preparation liothyronine sodium contributes to creation of "quality muscles" and "ripped" on-stage physiques. It is efficient for its ability to increase the rate of cellular activity and faster burn the excess fat. As noted by many athletes, when used in conjunction with steroids it increases the anabolic effect. Such performance may be due to faster utilization of proteins by the body that contributes to the increase in the rate for new muscle accumulation.

Precautions with liothyronine sodium

There are some warnings and precautions each user has to take into consideration when initiating the therapy with liothyronine sodium. 

·        It is recommended to consult a physician prior to initiation of therapy with liothyronine sodium, in order to have the thyroid function tested.

·        All the athletes should not buy the injectable form of the drug as in conjunction with a strong anabolic steroid it may cause severe side effects.

·        Males with pre-existent cardiovascular diseases and history of heart attack should exercise caution to the use of liothyronine sodium. It may cause heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, agitation, shortness of breath and others. Along with the enumerated possible side effects, it may worsen the existing medical condition.

·        One should bear in mind that liothyronine sodium is a powerful hormone; besides the cardio-vascular disorders it may cause nausea, sweating, headaches, physic/metabolic disorders. If misused, there is an increased incidence of altering the normal functioning of the body.

·        It is important to not change the doses too often and follow the indications of use exactly. There has to be a constant level of drug in the blood in order to get most from the therapy with it.

·        Considering the fact that liothyronine is a powerful thyroid hormone, always consider a weaker compound.

Indications of use and dosage

Liothyronine sodium comes in form of tablets of 25mg. In the initial phase of therapy with liothyronine sodium it is important to start with a lower dose and increase it slowly. Therefore, the dosing schedule should be set as follows: a tablet of 25mg in the first day followed by an increase in the dose by one tablet every three to four days. The maximum dose should not exceed 75mg per day. Such a dosing schedule will help the body adjust to the increased thyroid hormone and will also help the body avoid any sudden "shock". As already mentioned, it is important to keep the level of drug even throughout the therapy with liothyronine sodium. In order to do so, it is recommended to split the dose throughout the day. As women are more sensitive to liothyronine sodium - Thyroxyl (T3), the dose should not exceed 50mg per day.

Another important aspect in setting the dose of liothyronine sodium is the expected result from the therapy with it, either an ongoing edge in fat loss or a substantial increase in rate of fat loss. For the first purpose the dose should not exceed 25mg while for the second 75mg.

The length of therapy with liothyronine sodium should last no longer than 6 weeks. Tablets have to be taken regularly without any breaks. When discontinuing with the drug, the dosage has to be lowered by one tablet every three to four days.

Possible side effects with liothyronine sodium

Liothyronine sodium, as any other thyroid hormone may cause side effects. Some of the possible side effects depend on the tolerance of each individual to the drug. As already mentioned, liothyronine sodium has to be taken for a pre-determined period of time and in strictly set doses. When taken for a long period of time and at a too high dosage, one may get permanent thyroid deficiency. In such a case, liothyronine sodium will have to be taken for life. Avoid such adverse reactions by strictly following the dosing schedule.

Other possible side effects with liothyronine sodium are the following:

·        Headaches;

·        Agitation;

·        Physical/metabolic disorders;

·        Heart palpitations followed by heartbeat irregularities;

·        Agitation;

·        Shortness of breath and others.

Avoid any side effects by strictly following the dosing schedule and indications of use. If any severe side effects occur, discontinue with the drug and treat the symptoms.


Keep liothyronine sodium tablets at the room temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight exposure. Safely discard the drug. For other questions ask a pharmacist.

Liothyronine Sodium (Thyroxyl (T3),CY3,Thyro-lab,Tiromel,Citomed,GP T3)