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What is anastrozole?

Anastrozole is a powerful aromatase inhibitor that is used for reducing estrogen within anabolic steroid cycles. Its clinical uses suppose the use of anastrozole for the treatment of breast cancer after surgery and for metastasis in women. Since the breast cancer is accelerated by the increase in estrogen, anastrozole is used to inhibit the synthesis of estrogen. Even if its primary use is in treatment of breast cancer in women, it is also used among athletes in preventing estrogen related side effects within anabolic steroid cycle. Therefore, anastrozole is used to control the estrogen related side effects by blocking the aromatase enzyme conversion to estrogen. It is a popular aromatase inhibitor and one must be aware of the proper doses of anastrozole, indications of use, side effects and others before starting to use it.

Brand name

Anastrozole is the active ingredient of the Arimidex brand name. The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca produces it and all users should be aware of the counter fakes and avoid them.

Warnings with anastrozole

Anastrozole is contraindicated in people with known hypersensitivity to the drug; otherwise it may cause anaphylactic reactions and/or skin allergic reactions. It should be noted that anastrozole is toxic to the liver; therefore users with pre-existent liver and/or renal diseases should be aware of the possible worsening of existent condition and better avoid the drug.

Important information about anastrozole

As anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and reduces the level of estrogen, it should be used only if absolutely necessary.

Anastrozole is used to control the estrogen levels and prevent estrogen related side effects in athletes who use strong anabolic steroids for bulking or cutting cycles. However, it may suppress the natural estrogen from the body and produce impaired lipid levels and immune system.

Anastrozole is considered to prevent gynecomastia, acne, water retention and other estrogen related side effects. It makes it a great choice for athletes who are prone to gynecomastia and who use steroids with strong androgenic properties.

Anastrozole is in fact used as an ancillary compound in the existing steroid cycle. It is considered that anastrozole may reduce the estrogen up to 98 per cent and even more. Therefore, it is indicated to exercise caution to the used doses and duration of use.

Another property of anastrozole is its capacity to slightly increase testosterone levels. This is an important thing when using a steroid with strong androgenic properties that can suppress the natural testosterone levels. Besides its benefits in reducing estrogen during bulking or cutting cycles, it is also efficient in post-cycle therapy, when it is extremely important the estrogen control.

Another important fact to be noted with anastrozole is that it does not enhance athletic performance. It is an ancillary compound used to reduce the level of estrogen and prevent from estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, excessive water retention and others.

Effective doses and proper indications of use

Anastrozole is a drug that comes in form of tablets. Generally it is recommended small doses of anastrozole while on cycle. It is indicated a dose of around 0.5mg every day in order to prevent estrogen side effects. However, there might be the case of administering 1mg every day in order to prevent side effects from anabolic steroid use. The dose also depends on the sensitivity of each individual to aromatase inhibitors. Therefore, each individual should adjust the dose in order to benefit most from the therapy with it. Start with a lower dose and adjust it according to the tolerance to the drug and efficiency.

It should also be noted that if taken for a too long period of time it may cause impaired lipid profile and immune system.

Useful tips for using anastrozole

Some athletes state that short periods of high dosing can provide the so called: "quality muscle" appearance, a much harder and dryer look. If this is the effect you want to obtain by using anastrozole, then the length of therapy with it should not last longer than 14 days.

Administer anastrozole with or without food. It is recommended to take it before the administration of the steroid, so that it gets to a steady plasma level in the blood and respond to the aromatization process by blocking the aromatase enzyme from conversion to estrogen.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

If you forgot to take a dose of anastrozole; do not worry, take it as soon as you remember. As it is indicated to take the drug before administering the steroid, make sure you follow the indication. However, if you missed a dose, do not take a double one to make up for the skipped dose. Follow the usual schedule. If you have any questions related to a missed dose, ask a pharmacist or a physician.

Possible side effects with anastrozole

Like any other aromatase inhibitor, anastrozole may cause side effects. Usually, these are common to the most of the aromatase inhibitors; however, these also depend on each person’s tolerance to the drug and the way the body responds to it. As already mentioned, anastrozole reduces the level of estrogen and while it is beneficial in preventing estrogen side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, excessive water retention and others, it may also be detrimental, as the estrogen is to some extent responsible for the regulation of user’s sex drive and during low estrogen levels one may experience decreased libido. One of the possible side effects with anastrozole is decrease in libido.

Other possible side effects with anastrozole are the following:

·Impaired lipid profile and immune system;

·Decreased level of cholesterol.

As a measure of precaution it is recommended to make periodic laboratory tests and prevent such adverse reactions.

How to store anastrozole?

It is recommended to store the drug at the room temperature between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius or 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to keep the medicine out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid the direct sunlight exposure and moisture. Make sure you safely discard unused or no longer needed tablets.

Anastrozole (Arimixyl,Arimidex,Anastrozolos)